Fix What's Missing

Microsoft, Intel, J. P. Morgan, NASA, and Verizon have all said yes. And those are just a few of a growing number of businesses and organizations that have agreed. If your answer is yes, I can help. It was the participation of those organizations and companies and my personal experience with the KOLBE Corp. that led me to become a certified KOLBE™ consultant and to create Ipsativ_.

In every organization, I’ve noticed that there are three key elements. What’s right, what’s wrong and what’s missing. If you can discover what’s missing, odds are you can fix what’s wrong and improve what’s right.

Ipsativ_ is a consulting service that provides assisted thinking and 45 years of business and life experience along with accurate and repeatable assessments to make your business achieve greater success with greater ease. There’s a wealth of information in the FAQ section of this website. Refer to it often.

You should know that what I do is manage a process. You will need to make the decisions. You ask the questions, I answer, then you decide.

What’s the goal of Ipsativ_?
       - To make your workplace enjoyable.
       - To transform your workforce into loyal partners.
       - To make your clients your ambassadors.

I know You Know A Lot. 
Are You Ready to Discover What You Don't Know?

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